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Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan
The Ultimate in Health and Self Defense
by Frank DeMaria

NOTE: The current edition is sold out. A DVD for the Tai Ji Form and a DVD for the Hsing Jing Chuan are being prepared.

tai chi book Over the years many styles and systems of Tai Chi have emerged. Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi is not a new system, but rather a modification of existing systems. Ch'ang used his unlimited knowledge of Shuai Chiao to replace or change certain movements in the Yang Shih system emphasizing its combat purposes.

Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi still retains all the other values of Tai Chi for good health and longevity. The difference lies in the fact that Ch'ang style stresses a more complete look at the full potential of Tai Chi Ch'uan for defense.

grandmaster tai chiIt was the early 1980's when I asked Master Ch'ang's permission to teach his style of Tai Chi Ch'uan and call it by its rightful name, Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan. This was the birth of Ch'ang's style to the western world.

Up to now no written record has existed on this style of Tai Chi Ch'uan, as it was only taught to the students of Master Ch'ang. I am indeed fortunate to have learned this form directly from him, and was granted permission by him to finally put his form into print.

This book will guide the reader from posture 1 through posture 143 of the Ch'ang style. There are numerous photographs clearly showing the structure of the Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan Solo Form.

Also, a chapter explaining the deeper meaning of Wu Chi and its relationship to Tai Chi has been added. The principles of Liang I are explained, which give birth to Yin and Yang, the very nature of Tai Chi Ch'uan. The reader will discover a number of charts and diagrams explaining the evolution of Wu Hsing, Four Phenomena, the Manifestation of the Elements, and the Cycle of Transmigration of Life and Death, to name a few.

chang and grandmasterIf you look at a beautiful house on the top of the hill, you first notice the house, never realizing it is the hill that supports it. Ch'ang is the hill on which I stand. Without his support and guidance this book never would have been written.

It is the author's wish that this book will be of some help to those who wish to learn, and in some way contribute to the world of martial arts.

Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan is a hard cover book. Copyright İ 1985 by Frank DeMaria Printed in Taiwan, The Republic of China.

chang seal Ch'ang Tung Sheng's seal is affixed to copies of the first printing of the book.

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