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 A Rare Treasure
 Life History: 1905-1986 Hua Hu Feh (The Fancy Butterfly)
 Training: Ch'ang Fen Yen; Discipline, Patience, and Perseverance
 Art Forms: Not Only Shuai-Chiao
 Shuai-Chiao: Styles, Techniques, and Principles
 The Real Ch'ang Tung Shen
 Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan: The Book

In the book "Asian Fighting Art" there is a picture of Ch'ang Tung Sheng (Shang Tung-Sheng) among an elite gallery of Chinese boxing masters. It shows him at a very muscular 17 years of age, already an undefeated champion. His uncanny quickness and agility in footwork and hand-skills had earned him the reputation of "The Fancy Butterfly."

Even into his 70s, Ch'ang remained the epitome of what a legendary martial artist should be.

young changCh'ang was born in 1905 in Hopei and began his training at an early age. His instructor was the renowned master Ch'ang Fen Yen who was noted for his BaoDin style of shuai-chiao, the most famous of the three styles in China. Ch'ang Tung Sheng quickly worked his way up to become the master's number-one student and later married his teacher's daughter.

After becoming proficient in fighting skills, he traveled to Peking where his reputation preceded him. There he fought and defeated all challengers. His victories gained recognition in China and his combat experience increased. Ch'ang then left the Peking area and traveled throughout Mongolia, challenging the best fighters in that part of the country. Ch'ang defeated them all and garnered unanimous acclaim by defeating the heavyweight Mongolian champion Ke Lee.

In the early 1930s. Ch'ang taught at the Central Kuo Shu Institute in Nanking, which had been established by the government to preserve the national martial arts.

Ch'ang never retired from the combat arena even while teaching. In 1933 Ch'ang emerged number one in the Fifth National Athletic Meet, a very popular event in China. He also captured the championship at the Seventh National Athletic Meet held in Shanghai in the 1940's.

Ch'ang, already nearly 70 years old, was invited to Morocco as a guest of His Majesty King Hassan II in 1975. There he demonstrated his forms and techniques. During his demonstration, Ch'ang was unexpectedly attacked by a high-ranking black belt of another Oriental fighting system. Ch'ang quickly back-stepped and pivoted to his attacker's rear, catching him with a strike and throw, which catapulted his attacker to the ground and rendered him unconscious. King Hussein was so impressed that he presented Ch'ang with a rare sword inlaid with jewels.

In Taipei, Ch'ang taught at the Central Government Police Academy for nearly 30 years. His defense techniques are now being utilized by police agencies throughout the world. They are also standard curriculum in law enforcement academies in New York and in Texas.

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