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 A Rare Treasure
 Life History: 1905-1986 Hua Hu Feh (The Fancy Butterfly)
 Training: Ch'ang Fen Yen; Discipline, Patience, and Perseverance
 Art Forms: Not Only Shuai-Chiao
Shuai-Chiao: Styles, Techniques, and Principles
 The Real Ch'ang Tung Shen
 Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan: The Book

chang legacy Ch'ang's remarkable ability did not come from some secret source. It was a product of his unwavering dedication to shuai-chiao, the teaching of his own instructor, the enduring profits of hard work, and his own special talent, all of which allowed him to develop his kung fu to the level of ye (art).

From this vantage point a true understanding and mastery can be attained which was expressed in the power, grace, and precision of Ch'ang's movements. Ch'ang and shuai-chiao remain inseparable parts of a whole.

He was a rare treasure who should be honored and respected for his unique skill and knowledge, and the legacy he has left to those who teach and study kung fu.

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