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Teacher, I am not sure which art to study. What do you think is best for me?

Certain arts suit certain types of people. This is based on body type, age, weight, gender, temperaments and interests. As an example, if a student has the physical characteristics for learning Shuai Chiao (Chinese throwing methods) but has little interest in this type of training, then its study is of no use to him.

In the past, the master would teach a student what he or she thought the student was best suited for without question. However, today this is not done as much. Students pick what art form interests them most, or what they feel they need most from training: defense, health, healing, etc.

It is always best to have a meeting with your teacher and discuss you personal needs, likes and dislikes. Your teacher can then express his opinions for you to consider. This way a sound choice can be reached as to your needs.

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