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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher, How do I find an authentic, traditional Kung Fu school in my vicinity?

First, a caution: A great percentage of the schools that claim to be authentic and traditional are not. By authentic we mean ‘having unbroken lineage to traditional Kung Fu masters.

  1. Find out the names of schools or teachers in your area

    • Phone Book (under Karate or Martial Arts)
    • Martial Arts Magazines - many magazines are specifically oriented toward Kung Fu and include a directory of schools
    • Local papers
    • Word of mouth
    • The Internet

  2. Contact the head teacher at each school and question him/her thoroughly about the following (take copious notes!):

    • Who his/her teacher(s) were
    • How long did he/she study under each one
    • What is the school’s method of teaching (does it stress the importance of "The Three Pillars": Mind, Body, and Spirit)
    • What art forms are offered (a choice of forms may indicate fuller and deeper knowledge of the teacher(s)
    • What references can be provided (and how to contact them if possible)
    • Beware of Contracts and Hidden Costs (a traditional school should be more interested in having you as a serious student than in getting your money up front)
    • The need to purchase a uniform is to be expected. Ask how much it will cost so you won’t be surprised.

  3. Follow up by checking out the references as thoroughly as you possibly can. We realize this may be the hardest part.

  4. Visit the school, observe or take a class, and meet some students (ask them how they feel about their school).

  5. There is no shortcut to achieving this goal. Don't rush it. Many of the greatest Kung Fu masters have spent years seeking out and becoming accepted by their teachers. Most of the great masters speak only Chinese and have unlisted phone numbers. Don’t lose heart - persevere. It is well worth the effort it takes to find a truly good teacher.

    What to Look For in a True Kwoon

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