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Sifu, you often speak of the closed door students, the ones you really put all your faith into. I to would love to achieve this level, but what does it take to achieve this status?

Nothing but standing fast in your efforts.  A teacher simply watches his or her students. The ones who hold fast in training and show the respect a good teacher deserves are the ones the teacher grows to trust.  Sadly, however, many fail this simple test of time. Often when students reach the higher levels they begin to slow down in their efforts, and take on a know-it-all attitude. They usually slow down in their training where in fact it should increase. They forget all that the teacher has taught them and how hard the teacher worked to teach them his or her skills.

A teacher waits to see what the student will do when he or she needs the student, and usually the students fails this test of dedication and loyalty. The ones who are always there, the ones who learn and continue to learn, the ones who stand by the teacher 's side ready to help in any way possible to foster the arts, these are the ones who a teacher loves and trusts. The seldom seen student, the complaining student, the criticizing student - this kind of student could not possibly pass on the arts intact to the next generation. 

We pass on more then just skills, but also the traditions, the love for what we do, the philosophy of our art.  Without these essentials the arts are meaningless.  So, if you desire to achieve the trust and love of your teacher, stand fast in your efforts and dedication and before you know it the teacher will be calling you into the door.

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