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Teacher, you have been in the arts for about 40 years now and all you have is a handful of people you have made teacher level. Why do so few make it to that level of skill?

"Many are called, but few are chosen," is a perfect response to this question.

It is not the Shao-lin that is difficult to learn, it is the people who make it difficult. Very few will commit themselves to the life of a Shao-lin devotee.

It does not come easy. The years of training required are the first test. Many drop out when they begin to see the work that must go into the making of a Shao-lin master. Because training requires so much time and effort the weak willed will drop out within months so as not to embarrass themselves.

Then there are those who will train but only sporadically. They are not consistent and therefore will eventually drop out. They simply cannot keep up with the training. They are not committed enough to succeed in Shao- lin.

Only those who have that special something will stay in training. They have a strong desire to make it to the top. Nothing shakes these disciples. They seem to hold on. It is that spark that is so seldom seen in students. The quest to become a master is in the hearts of all who come to train, but it is attained by few.

Those who do not weaken will come to know all of Shao-lin's hidden secrets. It is reserved for a select few who dare to give all of themselves to learn Shao-lin's wonders. I have always dreamed of an army of Shao-lin teachers at my side to spread Shao-lin to the world. Instead, there are only a few. However, those few are special and will continue to spread Shao-lin as it was meant to be.

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