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Teacher, may I ask why so many fail to make it to teacher levels? Everyone seems so eager to learn, yet few make it. Why?

The arts are not for everyone.

People want to try martial arts. They want the self defense or discipline, or hard workouts for health, but after a time that wears off. Although there are many people who would make wonderful martial artists, they lack the true love for the art.

It is much the same as meeting people, at first you like them but after a time you find something you don't like about them and you break the relationship. Then there are others who find someone and no matter what you find there is that special relationship between you and them. Nothing can break you part, you want be together for life. This is love, true love and it gets better and closer each passing day.

Every so often I see this type of person appear in the Kwoon. The love is there and they fall deeply in love with the Chinese arts.

The arts are not impossible to master. It is not because of the difficulty in learning the arts that people drop away, it is the lack of love. Just as in a relationship, you must apply yourself to make it work, so too with the arts, you must work and you must sacrifice. But if the love is lacking, so is sacrifice, and soon you will leave.

As for me I fell in love a long time ago. The arts to me never lose their appeal, their interest. There is always a challenge to my abilities. If I had to stop for some reason, I would be lost, bored, sad and depressed — just like a lover feels when the one he loves dies. The arts is my whole life, my constant companion, my love. We will be together for life.

So don't think it is a person's ability that counts. It is their love or lack of it that will determine the outcome.

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