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Teacher, I see little improvement in my fighting skills. Can I really learn Shao-lin or am I fooling myself?

In the beginning it is difficult to evaluate your own progress. Your teacher can see your improvements or your shortcomings. Don't be harsh on yourself in the beginning years. There are very few if any who can not learn from Shao-lin teachings. We make progress by our determination to improve ourselves. We all grow at different rates depending on how much we really put into our training.

Shao-lin is a vast art form and there is something for everybody to learn and master. My best advise to you is simply to work hard, enjoy the learning, and let perfection happen at its own rate. Mastery comes to those who have patience, and determination. If there seems to be a problem ask your teacher. That is what he/she is there for. Anything can be resolved if you try.

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