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Teacher, Did Ch 'ang Tung Sheng train in iron palm? Or do any other special training?

Ch 'ang Tung Sheng was a very practical man. If something was worth while he would study it. He believed in good old fashioned hard work and quick and reliable methods of combat. In his evolving years he would stand on the side of hills and practice uprooting small trees with his leg power. This increased his rooting power and leg strength. He believed hard work was rewarded with results that showed in combat.

He studied more of China 's best fighting systems than anyone will ever know. He lived in a time in China when the legends of martial arts were born. He knew the best of them and it is said even the highest levels of the time would bow to Ch 'ang. His fighting abilities and reputation always preceded him.

He was also not a closed minded man. If he thought some style or method had merit, he would add it to his arsenal of skills, even going so far as to modify it to meet his rigid standards of combat usefulness. Two examples of this are his version of Ch 'ang Style Tai Chi Ch 'uan or Ch 'ang Style Hsing- Jin Ch 'uan.

He did not believe in wasting time on some fantasy of secret methods that make one invincible in combat. When Ch'ang hit you, Iron Palm was not needed; you were out. His power stemmed from never ending practice and practical choices in the art forms he favored.

Of course his Shuai Chiao was his main love, and one that made him a legend in the martial arts.

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