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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher, I hear you mention Jung Gwo Ch'uan often, is that another style?

No, it is all styles combined. When  I use the term Jung Gwo Ch'uan it refers to all the Chinese fighting arts. It is the unification of all the Chinese fighting arts into one art, all working in harmony with one another. It is the principles of Shao-lin northern and southern styles, the Tai Chi Ch'uan, Pa Kua and Hsing -I Ch'uan all combined and working within the separate natures, yet mixed and used as the need should arise. Nothing is separate from the other. It is one art, yet all arts.

The late Bruce Lee understood this fact when he created his style, which in fact was no creation at all. He simply combined many aspects of many of the fighting arts together and used them as then need would arise. He dropped the divisions between the styles and opened an unrestricted path to whatever was needed to win the battle. He called it another name, that is true, but what is in a name? He called it Jeet Kune Do, in China they call it Jung Gwo Ch'uan, Chinese boxing.

The only way to fully understand this is by the study of each of the arts. A student must first come to understand the principles of each art and it's strategies. When each is understood the arts can be recombined into one unified boxing principle, always changing and ready to be used as the need arises.

The best fighter is the one who is not restricted in his approach. The one who can change from the soft to the hard, the one who can move straight to circular.

The one who can yield to force and the one who can overcome force straight on. As students study each art form they soon begin to see the relationship between them all. But this is a slow process and without close attention and carefull study, it is easy to think each art form is separate from the other. This is only a beginner's viewpoint. The experienced martial artist knows the close relationship between all the arts. 

Often students who study internal arts and external arts say to me how they see movements that closely resemble each other. This is the first step in total understanding, what I call Enlightenment of Movement. Nothing is better then something else. Everything has its purpose and is useful at the proper time. The trick is to understand when that time comes.

As I always tell my students, the Martial Arts are ONE.

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