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Teacher, sometimes I feel that I can learn more, but you don't teach me anything new. I know this is wrong on my part and I should be patient, but I still feel this way. What is wrong with my thinking?

The problem is thinking itself. Stop thinking and simply work. You have yet to learn to trust your teacher. The one thing a teacher knows best is the capabilities his or her students. There is a saying, "One movement shows all movement," which means that just by your first move the teacher can see what your abilities are, and how much you know and don't know.

You must never rush your training. Although you know this, the human part of you wants more, always more. This is more prevalent among American than Asian students, who will work more patiently. Trust your teacher's knowledge to know what is best for you. A teacher teaches each student differently. No two people are the same in character, knowledge or physical abilities. Each must be nurtured in his/her own way.

There are many kind of plants and flowers in the world and each requires different nurturing in order to grow. Too much water can kill some and not enough can kill others. Trust your teacher to know how much water to give you. Enjoy the experience of learning. There is no rush. You can not rush the growth of a flower or a human. Each must blossom in its own course of time.

Shao-lin is not something you start and then come to a finish. It is a life style. It is something you will do for the rest of your life if you really care to be a martial artist. It is a way of thinking, doing, cultivating and refining. This is a lifetime endeavor. Nothing can be rushed.

Calm down your mind and trust in your teacher's judgments about your abilities, and the way you should be taught. Your teacher knows very well your present ability, and even though you don't see it, the teacher is watching you all the time. My eye is always watching, from the highest levels to the newest members, my eye is on them all.

I see your skills and I also see your mind, as both must be in harmony. I can see what efforts you put into your training or lack of training. I can see the quality of your forms and techniques. You have chosen me for this very purpose, that is, to teach you movement and then judge the quality of that movement or concept. So why, then, do you already doubt my judgments? It is because of your lack of self-discipline to focus and see your own shortcomings. Part of true training is to see your own weaknesses and then change them to your strengths. Remember, no one wants you to excel faster than your teacher does, but he or she wants it only when you're ready and no sooner.

There is a old kung fu saying which states "Shi Fu Ling Men Xiu Xing Zai Ge Ren." Translation: The teacher will lead you to the door, but it is the student who must enter. This means that in the end, it is always up to you to train hard, be patient and trust. If you do, you will find yourself at the door of knowledge, and I will be there to open it for you, so you may enter.

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