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Teacher, I have heard the Master is given a red envelope for his birthday and at Chinese New Year. What is this all about?

T he red envelope is an old Chinese custom for wishing someone good luck. Twice a year the students shows their respect for their chosen master by giving him/her some money in a red envelope. How much is given is purely up to the student or disciple or sifu level.

It would be no different then then giving a family member a card and a money for a birthday or anniversary. A gift of money is an appropriate gift to signify your appreciation for the effort the master makes to teach you his beloved art. Money also tends to be a good gift as it is the hardest thing to part with, for most people.

It is only good Wu-De (ethics) to show you care and respect your master's labor of love in teaching you.

Teaching can be demanding. It takes a great deal of time and effort to teach the massive amount of material needed to create a new student, disciple or teacher level. The red envelope is a sign you care, and appreciate all the effort the master makes to teach you.

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