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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher, I am slow learner and feel like I can not keep up with other students. Can I really learn the Shao-lin with this problem?

The first mistake is to think we teach according to a time table. There is nobody to keep up with except yourself. Never compare yourself to others. All people learn at different rates of speeds, some slower some faster.

The second mistake is to think Shao-lin can be learned in a set period of time. The study of Shao-lin is a lifetime endeavor, you can learn as much or little as you like. There is no set amount of learning, you can go as far in training as your abilities will take you.

It is a common problem with new students to feel left behind by the more advanced students. You have to stop comparing your skill levels to others. In time your skill level will increase as well. Shao-lin is truly a wonderful adventure in learning. You will find the longer you study the more there is to learn.

So simply learn to enjoy each facet of learning and master it at your own rate of absorption. Everybody has limitations, even high level masters have their own limitations. Nobody can do everything perfectly. Where one person lacks another excels. You will find your strong points as you continue your training.

Shao-lin is not just for special people, it is for everybody who cares to improve their natural talents. It is a discovery of self. Play up on your strong points and strengthen your weak points. But most of all take it easy, and enjoy the Shao-lin journey.

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