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Term Pronunciation Definition
Buddha boo-dah "Enlightened One"; The Buddha refers to an Indian sage by the name of Siddhartha Gautama who lived from 560-480 BC. (see Buddhism)
Buddhism bood-izm An Indian and Chinese philosophy discovered by The Buddha. (see Buddhism)
chi chee energy that composed the universe and everything in it; life force
chin na chee nah "lock and hold"; Chinese art of bone and joint locking
Confucianism kun-few-she-en-izm A philosophical system founded on the teachings of the Chinese sage Confucius.
Confucius kun-few-she-us A Chinese sage who lived from 551-479 BC and founded Confucianism.
external external muscular force
Hsing-I shing-e "Mind Form Boxing"; An artform that attacks straight in on the opponent. Hing-I is based on the five elements earth, water, fire, metal, and wood.
internal internal life force energy contained in the body; also makes up the universe
Kung Fu gung foo "Hard Work"; a martial art that originated in China
kwoon gwahn "training hall"; the home of every Chinese martial artist
Meditation meditation Thought, reflection, and contemplation in order to train the mind and cultivate the spirit.
Pa Kua ba-gwa "Eight Trigram Boxing"; An art form which circles around the opponent, remaining on the outside of his/her body. Pa Kua is based on I-Ching.
Shuai Chiao swai giao "hold the horn and throw"; an ancient Chinese throwing art
Tai Chi tie-chee "The Grand Ultimate"; A Chinese internal art form that is widely spread around the world. Todays predominant styles of Tai Chi are Yang, Sun, Wu, Chen, and Ch'ang. Tai Chi is based of the principles of Yin and Yang.
Kung Fu gung foo "Hard Work"; a martial art that originated in China
Taoism dow-izm A term that refers to the philosophy found in Tao Te Ching and to China's Tao religion. The book Tao Te Ching was written by Laozi, the founder Taoism.
wu de woo dah etiquette; good manners

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