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Kwong's Push Hand Patterns

Listed below is an outline Master Kwong used when teaching the start of his 108 push hand patterns. The push hands methods listed are only a few of the patterns taught. When a student finally completed the patterns below, Kwong would go on to show more advanced patterns of tway show.
  1. SINGLE HAND PUSH HAND (common techniques)
    1. Fixed Step
      1. Single Hand
        1. Horizontal circles
        2. Vertical circles
        3. Vertical circle and thrust
        4. Combinations (White Snake)
          1. push shoulder
          2. thrust
          3. pull down
          4. push arm
          5. elbow
      2. Two Hands
        1. Horizontal circle
        2. Horizontal circle and thrust
        3. Pull back and push
        4. Pull back, press forward and side press
        5. Pull back, press forward and pull elbow
        6. Ward off up, pull back and push
        7. Ward off up, pull back, press forward and push
        8. Vertical circles
    2. Moving Steps
      • Use Techniques 1, 2, 7, and 8 for "Two Hand" as above.
    3. Active Steps
      1. Progressing steps with twists and turns
      2. Alternate right and left hand with advance and retreat
      3. Ward off (up, pull back, press forward, and push)
      4. Vertical circles with advance and retreat
  2. TA LU (practice in fundamental attacking and neutralizing techniques with active steps)
    1. Fixed forms
    2. Unfixed forms
    • Eight fundamental forms. Complex techniques of Tai Chi Ch'uan on attack and neutralizing.
  4. TAI CHI FREE HAND (special technique)
    • 92 forms divided into 46 forms, each for two persons opposing each other.

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