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When You're Choosing a Kung Fu School

  1. grandmaster Check the school's background
    As a doctor would have a diploma on the wall, so to should a Kung Fu School. Check to see if the certificate is valid or just something made up in local print show. Any reference can be checked if you make the effort.
  2. Check out the Teacher
    Sad to say, there really are not many really qualified Masters. It takes at least thirty years to become a real master. If someone tells you he or she is a Master and is still in their twenties, chances are they are not!
  3. Many Teachers are frauds and lie about background
    If the Teacher's background seems too good, chances are it is false. Ask who he or she learned from then contact that person to verify it's true. Something else to watch out for: I have a number of students I have taught over the years and threw out of the Gwan for various reasons. They are therefore not qualified to teach. However they are out there lying about their background and who taught them, hiding the true facts.
  4. Be sure it is not just a commercial school
    Commercial schools are only interested in on things, namely how to get your money. They are usually taught by low ranking Teachers. If you find they charge for everything they offer, chances are you are in a commercial school with contracts that will bind you. Traditional school don't use these tactics. We are low cost and only care about Teaching the Traditional way. We never have a contract to bind you.
  5. Go to a class
    Watch their training methods, see if the classes are well run. Traditional schools run strong, balanced classes and never charge you for extra time. They don't charge by the hour. Never are there charges for a promotions. That is only a way to get money from you. Beware.
  6. Check with other schools
    Check with other schools in the area to see if the school is well known and has a good reputation.

Within Kung Fu circles we all know each other. Good Teachers know other good teachers. Ask around and see what the reputation of the school is. You would be shocked to find many schools are run by very unqualified and unknown teachers.

A good Teacher is a treasure and a bad one is a nightmare. A good school can change your life for the better, and bad one will drain your bank account with little or nothing worthwhile to be learned. A bad school can cost you years of wasted time and effort. The Arts are great to learn, but they have to be shown to you from somebody who really has gone through legitimate training under a recognized Master. So ask the Teacher you meet, "who is the Master that taught you?" Then verify that claim, don't just believe what you heard. As the old saying goes, trust is easy but facts never lie. Good luck in your quest to find your Master.

If you we can help in any way in way to find a noted Master we will try or at least point you in the right direction. Just ask us. We don't know every teacher out there, but we certainly know who the best are. Noted Masters know each other, and each of them would want you to check out any claims or schools so you won't be taken in by the frauds.

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