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The Goals of ACCS
Strong of Body, Clear of Mind, and Spiritually Motivated

T he American Center for Chinese Studies is unlike any martial arts training center you may encounter. As its founder, I am motivated by a desire to pass on the benefits I have experienced during more than forty years of study of the Chinese martial arts. All but one of my teachers have been Chinese. They each stressed the true values of the martial arts in their teaching, including development of the three great pillars of training -- Mind, Body, and Spirit.

grandmaster With this in mind, I have gone a step further than even my own teachers. That step strips away all barriers to learning. Each of my teachers was either a Buddhist, Taoist, or Tao Te Ching teacher. Each in his own right was a traditionalist, meaning he only taught within his own beliefs and traditions. This approach is good, however it prevents a student from seeing all sides of the martial arts philosophy, especially if a student stays with only one teacher.

My approach to training is to offer under one roof all the philosophies I have learned . No one style of training is emphasized, but rather all the styles I have learned in my forty-three years of training are offered to my students.

No option is left out of a student's training. I openly offer classes in each style, and it is the student who decides what is best for himself or herself. Chi Kung training, Meditation, Chinese philosophy, Shao-Lin, the internal arts of Pa Kua , Hsing -I, and Tai Chi are all taught the same way that I learned them. There are no additions or deletions to any style of training. The styles and philosophies are as I learned them.

The American Center for Chinese Studies stresses the Old Ways of teaching and running a traditional Kwoon (school). It is treated as a second home by its students, who, in fact, help with the everyday affairs and maintenance of the Kwoon. There is never a contract to hold a student who does not wish to continue training, as that would be counter-productive for all of us. Prices for training are set at the lowest cost possible to maintain the Center. In fact, many of the classes are free -- only donations are requested to help with providing lunch during the many day-long lectures that are offered in the Way of Shao-lin.

This Center is associated with some of the best Masters in the United States, as well as the original Shaolin Temple in China. Those Masters who are still living are invited to the American Center to lecture on their particular style or philosophy. In fact the door to this Center is open to anyone who has something of value to teach.

The ultimate goal of The American Center for Chinese Studies is to spread as closely as possible the original ideals of Shaolin Kung Fu to the American people. We train those who have the desire to learn the very best that Shao-lin has to offer.

The kind of training we provide has the potential to create top level Shaolin practitioners who are strong of body, clear of mind, and spiritually motivated.

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