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What If There Is No God? (Part I)

Part I: Hope and Fear
Part II: The God Within
Part III: "Hsin Hsing Ming"

We all move out of fear. It is fear that motivates us, it is fear that grips us. Out of fear we make decisions, and out of fear we are the way we are.

grandmaster Nobody understand this life; we are all wondering about trying to find answers to the big questions of life. Yet seldom does anything really make sense to us. Life is a constant search for answers that in fact can be answered by only one person, and that person is you.

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We live in hope that everything will be all right and that we will somehow make it through this dream. Fear is our constant companion, forever haunting us, forever reminding us there is no escape from what life has in store for us.

We look for comfort in money and the love of people. But this too falls short of bringing any real lasting pleasures. Pleasure comes, and just as quickly, pleasure goes. Nothing seems lasting. The whole universe is in constant change, and one day that too will end.

We put our hope in a God we know nothing about, a God that no one can prove even exists, yet we cling to the hope that God exists, that maybe there is something to all this insanity we call life.

But I ask you this: What if one day someone was to prove beyond any doubt at all there was no God, that it was all a dream created out of people's fears? What would you do then?

Many would refuse to accept this conclusion, for if they did, all hope would be lost. Then there would be a void, an emptiness that nothing could fill. Our actions would change, our viewpoints would change radically. We would become lost and hopeless.

There Is An Answer

But there is something. A something that few can put into concrete words. A something that the sages have talked about for centuries. A something that Christ spoke of and the Buddha spoke of, but few understood their words.

People are only capable of disbelief, rather then true belief. If a person really believed ,then fear would vanish like a bubble. It would pop and be gone.

It is not an easy matter to rid oneself of fear. It takes a knowing, a knowing that comes only with constant perseverance to understand the truth.

But what is truth? And how can we come to know it? And what will we find when truth opens its doors to us. Will God be there? Is the game of life only a fool's game? Are we all doomed to a nothingness, a meaningless existence, the dark grave?

To find the hidden answers is not a difficult task as you may think. In reality, the answers are all around us. The problem lies in seeing them. We hide the truth from ourselves.

We do this by becoming involved in the folly of life. We do this by setting the wrong priorities in our life. We do this by deceiving ourselves as to what we think is important and not important. We do this by moving from the mind rather than the heart. We cling to each other out of fear, with the hope others will actualize our dreams. But look at all the broken hearts in the world.

Only a select few have found the answers. Find them and look into their eyes and you will see the peace you crave. They can not give it to you, they can not share it with you, they can not tell you where to find it. All they can tell you is that they have discovered it deep within themselves.

It comes a place where all the answers lie, a place we all have within us, waiting for you to find it. And when you do find this place, the change will happen suddenly. A great joy, a great peace, the abode of bliss and understanding will overwhelm you to a point of exhilaration you have never experienced before.

Part II: The God Within
Part III: "Hsin Hsing Ming"

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