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What If There Is No God? (Part II)

Part I: Hope and Fear
Part II: The God Within
Part III: "Hsin Hsing Ming"

If you believe in science, and most do, the first thing to do is understand a simple truth: all of the universe is a made of energy.

grandmaster You are energy, therefore you can not die. In fact, death really does not exist as you know it. You can only change from one form of energy to another. This is transformation, and there is nothing that is immune to it, including yourself.

Your first task is to truly understand this fact and start to learn to flow with change. The second thing to understand is that all you perceive is but a reflection of your mind. In actuality you see nothing, but energy moving into the eye, which is carried to the brain, where a mental image is formed you tag with a name.

But what it is that you are actually seeing? It is said no two people see the same thing. It is the mind that sees and sets the stage of deceit. This deceit has many names: the great dream, the great illusion.

It has the facade of reality. But it is not reality, at least as you know it. True reality is very much different than how you define it. You deceive yourself from moment to moment each day of your life by what you think is reality. How can you find peace in fakery? How can you find pleasure in an unreal world?

Knowing the Truth

Finding truth is as simple as closing your eyes and letting go of the mind. In the darkness lies truth, quietly waiting for you to discover it. Yes, there is a God, but not the God you perceive.

You are God. As Jesus said, "Don't look here or there for heaven, it is within you." If I might paraphrase the Buddha, "Awakening to the true nature of our mind brings about the spiritual transfiguration that some call Enlightenment."

Enlightenment can be defined as simply knowing truth. Seeing things in their true nature and knowing you are part of it brings inner contentment. But no matter how many words I use, you can not experience it without first finding it yourself.

"A good start is to read, ponder and experiment with reality until you see the truth."
You have the power to find it, but the false dream is very strong. It will not allow you to break free that easy; it takes a Buddha or a Christ.

In fact we each a Buddha, we are each a Christ, but we are sleeping engulfed in the eternal dream.

How then can we awaken ourselves? A good start is to read, ponder and experiment with reality till you see the truth. There have been great Masters who have walked this Earth. One great one wrote something known as the Hsin Hsing Ming.

The last section of this Message is the Hsin Hsing Ming.

Part I: Hope and Fear
Part III: "Hsin Hsing Ming"

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