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The Growth of A.C.C.S.

Many years have passed since the advent of this web page. Coming from the old school of training, web page creation and web maintenance were not things that interested me. However, many students talked me into stepping into the new age of communication namely, the internet. My computer-savvy students explained to me how I would be able to spread the word about Shao-lin Kung Fu training. Of course, on hearing that how could I refuse?

grandmaster Now, time has proved my students indeed correct in all their assessments. Our humble web pages have put me in contact with martial artists from all over the world, and with people who want to study the Chinese arts. I have found so many of these email questions to be both interesting and brain stimulating. I feel very gratified to have been able to help some of these people find answers. Of course, I ran into questions I had to research myself to find answers. So to those people I owe a debt of gratitude for making me do some homework.

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I am happy to say our schools have grown considerably in these passing years. We now have locations in Westchester, New York, Brewster, New York, North Carolina, and more are still springing up as some of our advanced students move up to the level of Teacher and continue to open schools for the propagation of our art.

Now in America the knowledge of China's ancient marital arts and Chi Kung practice is becoming increasingly known to the American people. It is no longer surprising to see television commercials depicting groups of people practicing Tai Ji Chuan, or movie after movie depicting some form of martial arts. Many of today's movie themes are based on Asian philosophy. Even the little character of Yoda in the Stars Wars saga was proselytizing Asian philosophy. It seems everywhere I turn someone is using some form of martial arts on a tv show or in commercials.

All this happens because of the teacher's heart. If it burns hot, then things happen.

I am so happy not to be alone anymore, meaning that when I started training, the term "Kung Fu" was unknown and mysterious to most Americans. Now many people know of this practice. Even doctors are sending their patients to Tai Ji schools to learn the healing art of Tai Ji Chuan, or to meditation classes to gain mastery over the mind and find inner peace.

Still others are finding the external hard styles of Shao-lin Kung Fu to be a great way to strengthen the body, lose weight and get the cardio workout that makes them feel so good. Truly, our arts have something for everybody, if you but look. Not to mention, in this day and age it is just a good idea to know how to handle yourself in the streets, if that need should ever arise.

Shao-lin self-defense is both effective and interesting to learn. Men, women and children can enjoy learning some form of our arts. Indeed, age, sex, weight are non-factors. The study is so diversified we can all find our niche in the arts. In my schools we have students who range in age from six to eighty. You're never too old or too young to start the journey. I am not saying that everyone who trains will be a great master of Kung Fu. There are requirements to attain this status. However, everyone can find something that will enhance this or her life for the better, or even awaken the inner spirit, which will enlighten those who find it.

The email testimonials I have received from people proclaiming the wonders of the arts and how the training has changed their lives for the better are too numerous to mention. However, many center around how training cured them from physical problems that had plagued them for years. The most common were lower back problems with which so many suffer. I am not a doctor, but I can attest to the fact that I have seen people change their entire lives for the better due to traditional training.

As we grow in physical skills our mind also grows to new levels of understanding.

I recall some who were headed for self-destruction due to drug use and bad lifestyle, that made a complete turn-around for the better. I know of a few who advanced themselves from the title of "drug addict" to the title of "doctor." If you ask them how they did it, they would tell you it was the training of the mind, body and spirit that helped them see clearly and make the necessary changes.

Life is tough. It's lonely, and it's sad. The Buddha knew that even before he attained enlightenment. He found the way out," which he called "Da Dzwo," the Big Sit, or simply, Zen in Japanese, or Chan in Chinese. This kind of training exists in the Shao-lin training. In fact, everything you ever learn in Shao-lin will focus deeply and intently on you, reaching to your deepest levels. It is the spiritual aspects of our training that can bring an inner calm and satisfaction rarely experienced by non-practitioners. It can reveal a part of us that we seldom look at or which we even know exists.

This stage of Shao-lin training is the root of why we even train at all. As we grow in physical skills our mind also grows to new levels of understanding. Through our consistent perseverance we can arrive at the very edge of the mundane human mind and enter into the superconscious mind. At this level of inner viewing there is nothing that cannot be achieved or known.

That is our growth report. I feel it is a good one. I do believe we have made our contribution to the growth of Shao-lin in this country. If we have encouraged just one person to train and reach teacher level, then our art will remain alive and well for others to learn. One good teacher can teach many students. And from those many, another teacher can be born to carry the Shao-lin touch into eternity.

For those of you who are not in training, let me ask one final question: How can you waste your time reading this article when, in fact, you could be living this? Shao-lin is calling out to you with an offer that can't be refused. So, what are you waiting for? You've got a lot to learn and your local Shao-lin school has lot to show and tell you. So, let's go! Get it before you lose the chance!

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