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Alliance Formed Between The Society of
Shao-lin Temple and ACCS

In an initiation ceremony on July, 1995, The Society of Shao-lin Temple officially opened its its first center in North America to the public. Located in Flushing, New York, The Society of Shao-lin Temple is directed by Rev. Guolin Shi, 34th generation Kung-Fu monk of the Shao-lin Monastery at Song Mountain, Henan Province, China.

society ceremony At this time an official alliance was made between The Society of Shao-lin Temple and American Center for Chinese Studies (ACCS) in Buchanan, New York. This alliance means that, as brother schools, ACCS and The Society of Shao-lin Temple will be able to share programs and special events. Both schools are non-profit organizations dedicated to the mission of promoting the traditions of China’s Shao-lin Monastery in North America.

As brother schools, we share an important guiding principle: to focus on the mind cultivation that Zen Meditation emphasizes and to strengthen the physical body with the practice of Martial Arts. The Society of Shao-lin Temple also makes the propagation of Buddhism its responsibility with plans of conducting lectures and seminars on various topics on this subject. Rev. Hon-Yi Shi, a graduate student from Chinese Buddhist University in Beijing will be chief lecturer on Buddhism. This is very exciting news for all of us. We look forward to the bond strengthening between the two schools through frequent joint events.

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